About us

News Uttarakhand is an online portal for news on the Uttarakhand state that is dedicated to publishing the current and real news, analyses and views on the key issues to the audience in an unbiased manner. News Uttarakhand aims to reshape the online Hindi news section of Uttarakhand with convincing user engagement and customer experience. In today’s world, where the audiences have an unprecedented array of choices, News Uttarakhand stands out among others due to the choice of all the people of Uttarakhand as they start their day with our news. According to the survey of Indian Readership (IRS), News Uttarakhand is the largest read daily in Uttarakhand for the last successive 3 years.

News Uttarakhand started in 2019 and within two months it has become a daily in every corner of the state. With 5 editors, we cover all the news of Uttarakhand on one platform. The independent, reliable, and balanced representation of the news stories for more than one year won the hearts and attention of thousands of residents of the Uttarakhand. We implement modern facilities for the gathering of the news and composition of the online pages.

News Uttarakhand focuses on delivering news centered on the entertainment, automobile, sports, health, technology, business, and the job of Uttarakhand. The website gets almost more than 10000 visitors every month. Recently the website has been redesigned in a world-class new avatar. Now it has fast, light, and clean design to use for the members. Our main focus is to concentrate all the fresh news of Uttarakhand under one platform. News Uttarakhand provides you with different publishers’ news on one roof.